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Una Corda

The Una Corda Piano design departs from the traditional concept of acoustic pianos that consist of the technical piano surrounded by a furniture casing. The Una Corda design strictly focuses on the functional aspects of the instrument, the sound quality and the mechanical properties. For amplifying piano strings only the soundboard is relevant, stripping the instrument of a case allows the sound to travel freely to the listeners. The mechanical parts being visible adds to the educational experience whilst playing the piano, offering an insight into how the audible tone is actually created.

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The Book That Grew

This one-of-a-kind book contains 10 tangible lessons and 10 pieces of practical advice designed to help maximize sustainability and increase profitability. These 10 steps enable farmers to achieve a 'perfect' 10 rotations of grass grazing per year, and produce 10 tons of grass per hectare – a truly powerful number that will massively improve the sustainability of even the most efficient farm.

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Welfare is Gold

A major cultural transformation strategy to prevent harassment in the workplace considers the integration of Welfare Commissions, an Attention Protocol, an intensive Communication Program, and a web app to deliver personalized protocols to serve and transform the lives of more than 19,000 employees.

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Aurora is a synthesizer. In this synthesizer, a laser is used to control the effects and filters. In fact, this creative method has replaced touchpads and sliders to control sound effects. In addition to increasing the ease of use and speeding up the composer's action, this laser is attractive and has a visual beauty for audience and composer during a performance. An enjoyable and different experience while performing or composing. The name of this product is derived from the bright rays of the aurora in the dark of the night.

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The overall design aims solve issues of instrument portability for everyday use and to provide an effectively familiar and transformative experience to user, as well as test the current limitations of new-age alternatives to traditional materials and methods of guitar-making. A new travel-electric silhouette informed by tradition, tailored to individual expression. Realized through use of computer-aided design applications, fused filament fabrication, and recycled bio-composite filaments.

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Enjoy Happy Food

This design project shows how to transform a traditional fish vendor into a modern social e-commerce brand as a response to the epidemic, and to bridge the gap between traditional fish market shopping and online shopping lifestyle. The brand is rooted in the vendor's 40 year fisheries professionalism, traditional market's way of customer social interactions, and takes customization orders from customers via Line (a most used social app in Taiwan) to deliver freshest, daily caught sea fish and recommended cooking recipes.

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