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The Fastback features an alternative electric guitar concept based on a new design language inspired by the shapes of a Ferrari. Form and function united in a lightweight, ergonomic, and balanced body sculpted through elegant lines and athletic shapes with sense of flow and speed. Innovative enough to reach new horizons, and conservative enough to be welcomed by the varied tastes of guitarists around the world. A new concept projected into the future without losing its classical roots.

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The design has simplified multiple offline and online customer touch points into one consistent experience. The strategic and service design thinking applied has resulted in a smoother and friction-free interaction for customers. The app addresses pre-purchase, purchase and post purchase experience of property buying for multiple types of users

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SXT Partner Notification Service

More than 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired every day worldwide. For sexual health clinics, the challenge is getting patients who are diagnosed with STIs to notify their sexual partners. SXT, a community interest company that helps people access sexual health services, engaged with Bit Zesty to find a digital solution. We created a service that enables patients to notify their partners anonymously and helps patients to find a local clinic for testing. So far, 14 clinics have adopted the service, notifying 5,400 partners.

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Descry Taiwan Exhibition

The exhibition was at Mountain Alishan, a famous tourist attraction in Taiwan, which combines arts with the Taiwanese traditional tea industry. The cross-sections cooperation of this exhibition could bring out the new business module. On each package, tourists can see different expressions conveying the same theme, "Taiwan." Immersing in the beautiful scenery of Taiwan, visitors could have a deeper understanding of Taiwanese tea culture and industry.

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The drum is an exciting music instrument, but they are also the only musical instrument that has one pitch!!! A multiplayer drummer cannot play Rock Reggae and Jazz using the same snare drum. Zikit Drums designed a mechanism that provides drummers a versatility playing experience without being bound to a specific music style by changing the diameter of the snare drum in real-time. Zikit designed to augment possibilities for drummers and giving them new acoustic opportunities in creating unique content.

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Case envisions the future of luggage and how luggage might evolve to become something that travels separately from its owner. Streamlining the travel experience, reducing stress, whilst also minimizing costly infrastructure. The Case is provided to you as part of an on-demand service whereby it will be delivered from your home to your destination ahead of the traveler, replacing the need to own and travel with luggage.

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