Clothing Concept Store by Ann Yu

Ann Yu Demonstrates The Urben Revivo Art Clothing Concept Store

Ann Yu, the creator of the awarded project Urben Revivo Art by Ann Yu says, Diversified brand of commercial space.Designer wants to express the business sense of "unknown" and releases the traditional business function.The designer wants pe <Cropped>

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Yucheng Decoration's Fuxi Inn Hotel

Yucheng Decoration Discloses The Fuxi Inn Hotel

YuCheng Decoration, the lead designer of the award winning work Fuxi Inn - Hotel by YuCheng Decoration points out, The project is a renovation project of an inn in the Xitang scenic spot. This is a work between the old building renovation and interio <Cropped>

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User Interface Competition

New Ux Design Contest On Pharmathek and Desall Invite You to Rethink The Graphic Interface and The User Experience of The Application Dedicated to Their Warehouse Systems.user Interface Competition New Ux Design Contest On Pharmat

New ux design contest on pharmathek and desall invite you to rethink the graphic interface and the user experience of the application dedicated to their warehouse systems.User interface competition new ux design contest on ph <Cropped>

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S.i.s. Application-retail, Shop by Ayhan Guneri

Ayhan Guneri Discloses The S.i.s. Application Retail, Shop

Ayhan Guneri, the project leader of the award winning project Retail, shop:S.I.S. APPLICATION by Ayhan Guneri points out, During the preparation of the concept of Sport In Street, the interests of the young people are taken into consideration such as <Cropped>

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Restaurant :onyasai Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Demonstrates The Onyasai Festival Walk Restaurant

Vincent Chi-wai Chiang, the creative mind behind the awarded project Onyasai Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-wai Chiang says, The design styles of exchanging past and future brings customer to an exciting experience. Design concept “Found in time” i <Cropped>

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Brand Space by Kuang Ming Chou

Kuang Ming Chou Discloses The Ji Space Brand Space

Kuang Ming Chou , the author of the award winning project Ji Space by Kuang Ming Chou illustrates, As a brand salon, just like our Ji HOTEL design, the space is builded up by frame, it comes from the traditional Chinese Architecture Theory, from gar <Cropped>

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Residential by Tang Chung-Han

Tang Chung-Han Illustrates The The Overlapping Material Residential

Tang Chung-Han, the thinktank behind the displayed design Residential:The Overlapping Material by Tang Chung-Han points out, Using installations to create the simplistic style of the era Divisions - Misplaced Masses Space is created through layered l <Cropped>

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Concept Store by Izabella Lubiniecka

Izabella Lubiniecka Portrays The Concept Store Swind Concept Store

Izabella Lubiniecka, the author of the displayed work Concept Store by Izabella Lubiniecka explicates, The architectural design of the flagship store, of the French brand of swimming suits Swind, is an invitation into the story of an imaginative subm <Cropped>

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The Fourth Long Quan%u201clong Yun Cup%u201dinternational Bamboo and Wood Products Innovation Competition

Using Raw Bamboo, Thin Bamboo, Bamboo Glued Wood, Bamboo Fiber and All Kinds of Wood, or Bamboo/Wood as The Main Combination of Other Materials For Product Innovation Design.the Type of Products Including Household Life, Office and Leisure, Health and E

Using raw bamboo, thin bamboo, bamboo glued wood, bamboo fiber and all kinds of wood, or bamboo / wood as the main combination of other materials for product innovation design.the type of products including household life, office and leisure, health <Cropped>

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Coffee Set by Rebeka Pakozdi

Rebeka Pakozdi Reveals The Relax Coffee Set

Rebeka Pakozdi, the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Relax coffee set explicates, The primary purpose of the set is to encourage the nourishment of relationships. It aims to bring back the age-old tradition of drinking coffee <Cropped>

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