Lab.14 Art Contest

The Competition Provides For The Selection of 12 Finalists Which Will Exhibit Their Works During The Final Exhibition of The Contest, That Will Be Held in Venice, At Imagoars Gallery, in Early 2020. Among Them Will Be Chosen 4 Winners of Assigned Prizes.l

The competition provides for the selection of 12 finalists which will exhibit their works during the final exhibition of the contest, that will be held in venice, at imagoars gallery, in early 2020. among them will be chosen 4 winners of assigned pri <Cropped>

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Stackable Stool:etabu by Alfredo Carreño Reul

Alfredo Carreño Reul Creates The Etabu Stackable Stool

Alfredo Carreño Reul, the maker of the award winning work Stackable stool by Alfredo Carreño Reul points out, Etabu is a set of 3 stools that create the feeling of not being in balance when they are stacked. The stools evoke the simplicity and p <Cropped>

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Bookhouse Latrine by Yongwook Seong

Yongwook Seong Illustrates The Bookhouse Latrine Bookhouse Latrine

Yongwook Seong, the author of the award winning project Bookhouse Latrine - Bookhouse Latrine by Yongwook Seong says, Bookhouse Latrine is the outhouse design exercise in the Garden City Lands, Richmond, Canada. As the usage of physical books is on <Cropped>

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Diego Molina and Maria Arango's Kap House Residential Home

Diego Molina and Maria Arango Illustrates The Kap House Residential Home

Diego Molina and Maria Arango, the creator of the highlighted work Award Winning KAP House Residential Home points out, KAP is tucked away behind wild tropical grassland that grows from the bones of a newly preserved green corridor. What remains of t <Cropped>

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Photography:fresh Grapes of Toscan by Jiayi Lu

Jiayi Lu Portrays The Fresh Grapes of Toscan Photography

Jiayi Lu, the designer of the highlighted project Jiayi Lu's Fresh Grapes of Toscan Photography explains, The grapes of Toscany are famous because the wine. These photos are which taken with olio painting style and vintage elements for example t <Cropped>

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Website:nak Sihat by World Wide Web Domination

World Wide Web Domination Presents The Nak Sihat Website

World Wide Web Domination, the maker of the awarded project Website:Nak Sihat by World Wide Web Domination spells out, The campaign was launched by the Ministry of Health and the website offered a fresh energetic platform that embodied and encouraged <Cropped>

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Lounge Bar :square Warehouse by Behzad Kharas

Behzad Kharas Spotlights The Square Warehouse Lounge Bar

Behzad Kharas, the creative mind behind the awarded design Square Warehouse by Behzad Kharas illustrates, Seven people from different backgrounds got together to develop a restaurant in the day,lounge by evening and club by night concept in an old wa <Cropped>

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Brake Valve Checking Workstation-Workstation by Anna Kholomkina

Anna Kholomkina Creates The Brake Valve Checking Workstation Workstation

Anna Kholomkina, the lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning Brake valve checking workstation Workstation demonstrates, The Workstation is totally redesigned compound machine tool, which is destined for drivers brake valves checking. The <Cropped>

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Toilet by Ching Pun Tsang

Ching Pun Tsang Designs The Green Sweeper Toilet

Ching Pun Tsang, the lead designer of the highlighted project Toilet by Ching Pun Tsang spells out, With the continuous development of industry in the society, the demand for fresh water is also increasing, and the important of saving water has been <Cropped>

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Japanese Bar by Yuichiro Imafuku

Yuichiro Imafuku Illustrates The Hina Japanese Bar

Yuichiro Imafuku, the project leader of the displayed project Japanese Bar by Yuichiro Imafuku demonstrates, Located in Beijing's old apartment, Hina is a Japanese-style bar consisting of a whisky bar and a karaoke room, clad with wooden gridded <Cropped>

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